Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Choose the Best VOIP Internet Digital Phone Service Provider - Voice Over Internet Protocol

By Ricardo Razon

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol uses your high-speed internet connection to give you a real phone line for half of what you are paying now for your home phone service.

For starters, you must evaluate and decide which of the features that your VoIP digital Internet phone service provider offers and which ones are the most important to you.

Some of the most important features are digital voice quality and reliability, ease of installation, broadband connectivity requirements, and calling features and services, and long distance calling rates. Having high quality, reliable telephone service is extremely important, so you need a company that is established and reputable.

1. Digital Voice Quality - When choosing a digital phone VoIP internet service provider, good call quality and reliability is very important. Choose the best VoIP Internet Digital Phone Service Provider that has minimal echo and voice lag time. Make sure there is no delay or noise in the line and the voices are clear and loud.

2. Ease of Installation - Depending on the service, you may need to install the VoIP hardware or equipment yourself. Some companies do offer installation, and others -- such as cable companies -- require that they install the VoIP hardware. The "ATA" hardware or analog terminal adapter is usually provided by your VoIP digital phone provider. The "ATA" is a hardware which connects a traditional phone to your high-speed Internet connection.

3. Broadband Connectivity Requirements - The primary requirement for VoIP digital phone service is a high-speed broadband connection or DSL. Without a high-speed internet connection, you will not be able to have digital phone service.

4. Calling Features and Services - Key benefits of digital VoIP phone service over a traditional phone line are the additional calling features available at no extra cost.

· Call waiting

· Three-way calling

· Call forwarding

· Caller ID

· Voicemail

· 69 (find out who last called you)

· 67 (block your number from caller ID)

· Repeat dialing (keeps trying a busy number)

· Voicemail to Email Notification

· Find Me, Follow Me

· Simultaneous Ringing on Multiple Phone Numbers

· Speed dial

· Conference Calling

5. Long Distance Calling Rates - Some companies allow you to call certain areas of the world for free. Others charge you per minute. Most offer different packages that you can tailor to fit your needs. Most importantly, the best digital VoIP services are generally flat rate - meaning you can call as much as you want (both local and long distance) and never pay more than your fixed monthly rate. When choosing the best digital phone VoIP internet service provider, make sure the international countries you call the most are included in your monthly flat rate fee. Some digital phone VoIP internet service provider charge you a higher monthly rate if you include additional countries to your calling plan.

In summary after doing extensive research on the various digital VoIP phone service provider, I found the VoIP digital phone service from 5LINX Globalinx VoIP to be the best service that offers the best quality and price along with enhanced calling features.
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